My New Year’s Resolution?

Our beautiful Fish Hoek beach was aIMG-20150101-00277buzz this morning when I arrived at 6:30. I looked out across the ocean. Kicked my shoes off and revelled in the grainy feeling of the sand making their way between my toes as I walk down the beach. The water felt like silk, warm and welcoming.

Today was the first time in a very, verIMG-20150101-00296y long time that I actually took a walk on the beach alone (my son bailed on me today, a blessing in disguise I might add!). For the first time in a long time I could just enjoy the enchanting beauty of our playground. It was absolute bliss!

Listening to the calming waves breaIMG-20150101-00271king on the shore, my mind free of all thoughts, completely in the moment, as I walked along the shoreline. In the distance I could hear the fishermen shout “kom man, stoot” as their small boat hit the water.

Along the way I stopped to write “HIMG-20150101-00278appy 2015” in the sand. An elderly couple walked up to me and wished me for year ahead while their dogs played tug of war with a piece of seaweed. We had a chat about our beautiful Fish Hoek Valley and how blessed we are to be here so early in the day.

Everywhere I turned people wisIMG-20150101-00309hed me; “Happy New Year”, “Happy New Year Ma, alles vannie beste”, “Beautiful New Year to you my dear”, even young children came up to me and wished me “Good Morning, Happy New Year”. Everyone walking along the beach, happy and relaxed.

I took a few minutes to sit downIMG-20150101-00301 on the sand and take it all in. The fresh air, the sand dunes, the sun glistening on the ocean, the musical sounds of nature, dogs barking and the chirping of birds. I realised just how mucIMG-20150101-00295h I’ve missed these calm and serene walks on the beach. It does something to my soul, it’s that inner peace, that feeling of being one with nature and no thoughts can enter but the now, being in the moment and letting go, while at the same time, opening myself up to life and all its beauty…

Later I watched the Shark SpIMG-20150101-00302otters as they deployed the shark-net. Safety first I suppose for some beach goers 😉

Walking back to my shoes I felt invigorated, ready for whatever 2015 may have in store for me. My New Year’s resolution? Go For More Walks On The Beach. ALONE!!

Wishing you all an encouraging 2015 with good health, happiness and love!