The Lesson is Always Love…

My child I am proud of you. Your perseverance, control and “nothing is impossible” attitude. Your generous spirit and empathy and caring nature towards others. Your courage to speak up for what you believe in and your direct manner (a bit embarrassing at times – but I understand you) makes me so very proud to be your mother.

Each term you’ve progressed in all areas. You struggled tremendously with the language of math, but this term you’ve achieved phenomenal results – 7/7, outstanding achievement I read, the same for Afrikaans and Life Skills. Language is tricky, reading a bit sticky, writing a mission but all challenges you can overcome through constant repetition.

Many may look at you, a child who is on par. What many may not know is how many hours you’ve put in. Your early morning speech and language therapy sessions, extra maths & reading classes. The work you’ve put in to decode words and that it takes you a bit longer to process information. How riding your bike and all sorts of deep pressure and movement exercises regulates your sensory system. How the slightest deviation from routine makes your body want to go into flight or fright. You need movement to focus, pressure and resistance to relax.

Spending five hours in school is quite a feat! The noise, the people, the listening fatigue, cognitive and sensory overload. The energy it takes to exert control and not have a sensory meltdown at school, sometimes barely making it off the schools grounds before you lose control.

I say it again my child, I am proud of you. I know how hard you’ve worked this year, Grade 1 has been very difficult, but you took it in your stride never giving up. Looking at me with that twinkle in your eye when you figured out how to do a math sum, that spark when you read “can, the, in, a” with confidence. The excitement you exuded when you stood on one leg a bit longer than usual or big smile when you jumped off the bed with less fear than before.

These are the things I remember. The special moments. These small achievements, one step at a time. Your resilience; my inspiration!

Next year will be exciting. New friends and a lovely teacher. With one year’s mainstream experience behind us we will continue to adapt and learn as we go along. Nothing is impossible! Grade 2 here we come!

Your resilience and achievements always take me back to just how far we have come…the lesson is always love…to the moon and back and all around the stars to infinity and beyond!