Birthday Treasures!

“Is it morning yet?””Yes, but it’s still early, go sleep.” A few minutes later, “is it morning yet, can I wake up now?” All this before 5am!

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Chevone, happy birthday to you, hiep-hiep, hooray! Oh mommy listen to this, NOG N PIEP, hooway!” and off  runs my 7 year old to retrieve my gift from his special hiding place before 5am!

He jumps on the bed and hands me an A4 with lots of sparkly numbers, glitter and more glitter! Then he hands me an old revamped Christmas envelope adorned with even more glitter, sparkly stars and hearts glued to it! “I made this for you mommy, it’s your birthday present” he beams with pride and excitement!

My gift, a R6 and a bracelet he found somewhere in our flat. Some may say, is that it? Well yes, that’s just it, right there! My son is so special, he’s been counting down the days to my birthday, finding things to create a card, looking for treasures around the flat and saving up and dividing his tuck shop money to give me a birthday present!

So much effort and thought went into this early morning surprise.  So special! I could not have asked for a better start to my day!

It is these heartfelt moments that I think of when I’m faced with some epic meltdowns…

To the moon and back and all around the stars to infinity and beyond! #love