Hear to Swipe!

The sense to hear is something that we don’t think about, it is what it is, until it is taken away…my dad started losing his hearing as a young adult, he suspects that he may have had a hearing loss since his childhood…

This evening whilst watching tv my son asked me to pass him his drybox. He carefully took his hearing aids off and took the batteries out. “Sjoe, my hearing aids really do make a difference. The tv is so very soft now!” – he exclaimed. In awe of these small devices that helps him hear.

I was again reminded of how very fortunate my son is to have hearing aids.

There are many children in our country, who cannot afford hearing aids. It is with this knowledge in mind that I am so thrilled when I log onto social media and see the Woolworths campaign, “This Christmas, help give 200 children the gift of hearing.”

Watch, the awesome advert and see how full of spunk the children from the Carel du Toit Centre are! Let’s get those cards swiping!