My Happy Place

I look at my son as he sleeps and I am enchanted by his innocence and wonder what adventures his dreams will hold tonight…will he chase dragons, will he run amongst unicorns and swim across the universe or climb the magical steps of some colourful rainbow.

Some nights I hear him giggle in his sleep, how precious that even in sleep, happiness follows him.

I look at him and I am tempted to kiss his cheek. Tempted to stroke his soft curls and whisper in his ear (like I often do), “love you to the moon and back, always and forever, remember that”.

How is it possible for someone so small to evoke such emotion?

Some nights he wakes up with pins and needles and I have to massage his hands, some nights he wakes up, still caught in the world between wakefulness and adventures compliments of the sandman. Assuring him is easy “ it’s okay, go sleep, mommy’s here” as he looks at me with his big brown eyes, bewildered, still caught between wakefulness and adventures…

I know tomorrow morning when he wakes up, things won’t be as peaceful as it seems now. Tomorrow morning it will be remote control cars, rollerblades, looming and every possible thing that he can cram into his morning before getting dressed for school. Tomorrow morning, I will have to settle for a kiss on the cheek and an early morning wrestle instead of a hug.

He is growing up so fast, every morning he seems a few inches taller, every day I am thankful for this beautiful child, my happy place, my heart…